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Download Classport eXPert trial
You have seen all the functionalities of Classport, and the screenshoots attracted you. You are now ready to acquire one of the best championships management software you can found?

If you don't have yet any doubt, you can go directly to the Register on Line page, and some click later, you will become the owner of a complete version of Classport.
But perhaps you'd like to be the only judge about the power of this software, and see that it is really better than the competitors, the best way remains to download the trial version, and you will then have 30 days to make you your own opinion.
This version contains 4 modules on soccer, rugby, basketball and handball and it will give you the opportunity to try all the functions you've seen on the website.

Classport eXPert Trial version   Download (4371 Ko)
Classport eXPert Web Edition Trial version   Download (4371 Ko)

This version will let you follow the championship of All the league tables and statistics are available in this version. You just won't be able to used the option that allow you to download on Internet the results of each round. But don't be afraid, the downloaded file contain the last data. And you can also fill in the results manually, which does not take more than 20 minutes per week.

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